Sanctuary Jazz... building community through music

Second Sunday of every month @ 6:00 pm

The Mt Carmel Jazz Service is a time to gather for, time together, time for refreshments and time for Jazz. People gather around small tables in the sanctuary. People come from all over the Portland Metro Area and you never know who you might meet. The refreshment table is set with coffee, tea and wine along with cheese and crackers. There is a general theme for the evening that sets the tone for our time together. Our Jazz musicians are a talented group of musicians who play throughout the Portland metro area. There is also a time for readers, poets and writers to share what is on their hearts regarding the theme for the evening. Soul is the goal for this time together.

For the 2017-18 year, we will have a theme for every month. Each month will have a different theme. The following table will show which theme is scheduled.

Month: Theme
September: Renewal
October: Gathering In
November: Remembering
December: Global Hope
January: Solitude
February: Prophets Among Us
March: Colors of Spring
April: Sacred Soil
May: New Beginnings